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ninja_smallThe Ninja Secret of Giveaways

Grow your audience virally

Contests are the most cost effective way to grow your audience by encouraging your visitors to share your giveaway. The more friends who enter the more entries they earn and more emails for your business. Woohoo!


Don’t pay monthly fees.cost_small

Fees suck! Contestfriend never charges a monthly, annual, or any type of fee for our plugin! That’s right, free as in speech! You’ll be able to run all of the giveaways you want without worrying about additional costs.


Giveaway whatever you like

You can giveaway an eBook, a Camera or even a retreat at your meditation center. Just upload a picture of the prize and enter a short description to let your users know what they’re able to win.

Fully optimizedoptimize_small

We have optimized contestfriend for maximum virality. That includes having your contest look amazing on all mobile devices and smartphones. Like anything else, you get what you pay for with WordPress plugins.


Schedule the start and end dates of your giveaways ahead of time.

Run a giveaway daily, weekly, or even monthly. Set it and enjoy your life while your email list grows and grows!




Grow Your Email List With Viral Social Contests

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Do You Like Contests?

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